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Smyrna Collection Hand-loomed Poolside Fashion Smyrna Collection Turkish Cotton Turkish Towels

Have you not seen any celebrity with a Turkish Towel before? Well then, you are far behind in beach fashion. Turkish towels are by far the new hit at coastal areas and famous vacation spots. The trend comes from people who have been seen using these precious towels at world famous beaches around the world. St. Tropez, Maldives, Santorini, South beach are only the few of them. Nowadays, it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of your favorite celebrity with one of these piece of handcrafted towel. Well, you have to be lucky to run into one or see their...

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The History of Turkish Towels

Smyrna Collection Hand-loomed Smyrna Collection Turkish Cotton Turkish Towels

It was a very important part of Turkish social life and continues to be so, but originally it was meant for ceremonial bath for a bride before her wedding and for important occasions later in life. The Turkish `hamams` too have an undeniable relationship with these towels. For a complete set of towels were available and is still available which consisted of different towels for the shoulder, hips and head. This elaborate arrangement was made keeping the special Turkish baths in mind. The towel would still have been the drab piece of bath accessory if the Ottomans did not intercede. They...

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